Ambika + Maneesh | Indian Wedding Photography | Renaissance Mayflower, Washington, DC

What a weekend we had with Ambika and Maneesh!  We spent three days with them leading up to their wedding covering their events.

The bag dance during their Sangeet was hilarious!  The song started out with a bag on the heads of the couple and the wedding party.  As they started to dance, the wedding party all snuck off the dance floor so it was just Ambika and Maneesh on the floor dancing.  And once Ambika figured it out, it was just Maneesh.

The wedding day was beautiful.  I love the moments we caught Ambika flexing the guns (for such a tiny thing, she definitely has them!).  (My wife is 4’10” so I say “tiny” with love!)

I think I can generally pick out the bride or groom that is going to smash the cake but Ambika surprised both of us when she did it.  By the looks of it, she surprised Maneesh even more!

A big thank you to Jay Premack for all his help covering their events over the weekend and also to Trisha Cranor of Working Brides for keeping us on track that day!

Ambika and Maneesh – thank you sooooo much for letting us be a part of your weekend.  You were a ton of fun and such a beautiful couple!

Wedding 411:
Ceremony + Reception: Renaissance Mayflower
Planner: Working Brides | Trisha Cranor
Makeup + Henna: Makeup By Mala | Mala Amin
Photography: Connor Studios | Jay Premack + Michael Connor | 202.527.9768

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