Busy Weekend – Teachin’, Meetin’ and Buildin’

We are at about 1 week exactly until the birth of our son.  We still have to settle on a name.  Everyone is asking us if we have a name picked out.  The answer is yes.  I have a name picked out and Nicole has a name picked out.  They just aren’t the same name — yet!  🙂

Had a great and busy Saturday.  A group of area photojournalists came over for a seminar on wedding photography.  I felt like we only scratched the surface but probably completely overloaded them with information.  The good news for brides is that there are some amazing wedding photographers starting out around here.

From there, I had to run to meet with a bride that was down from New York.  I love hearing brides talk about their wedding plans.  Her wedding sounds awesome — laid back and fun plus a very pretty bride equals amazing photographs and a great day in my book!

Sunday was spent getting the room ready for the soon-to-be-named son.  I got to pull out the tools and put together his crib so it finally looks like we are ready for him.

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