Casey + Chris | Wedding Photography | St. Joseph on the Brandywine + Greenville Country Club, Wilmington, DE

To say that this wedding was almost perfect would be an understatement!  It was like a checklist of perfection:  couple who could be models | gorgeous locations | intense thunderclouds | rained only during the 1 indoor portion of the reception (cocktail hour) | previous brides and grooms there | beautiful sunset | a vice-president | awesome wedding party…

I was looking forward to this wedding for a long time.  I photographed 2 of their friends’ weddings before and both were amazing and full of all their awesome friends.  Walking in to this one was like a family reunion of sorts for me.

We hiked up I-95 to Wilmington, Delaware for the day.  They got ready at the Greenville Country Club before heading off to Casey’s family church.  They guys were having a blast getting ready and the ladies were super chill.  Of course, a trip to Delaware wouldn’t be complete without Vice President Joe Biden – and the best part was that Uncle Joe was actually Casey’s Uncle Joe.

After the ceremony, we headed back to the country club for portraits trying to beat a huge thunderstorm heading our way.  We got through the wedding party in record time to make sure we had some time with Casey and Chris.  I don’t know if they were more excited than us about the backdrop Mother Nature was giving us.  My only instruction was if you feel a single drop, run !  (and they did)

The storm that came through was insane but as soon as cocktail hour was over, it passed by and we had the most beautiful light ever!  It was just a completely perfect evening.

Event Planner: Secretariat Wedding + Event Planning | Samantha Harris | 302.654.4479
Ceremony: St. Joseph on the Brandywine   ||   Reception: Greenville Country Club
Photography: Connor Studios | Michael Connor + Jonathan Newton | 202.527.9768

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