Chelsea + Nathan | Wedding Photography | St. Regis + Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

They say rain is lucky on your wedding day.  I think that’s only true when you have an awesome couple who (a) doesn’t let it ruin their day and (b) gets clear umbrellas and insists on still going to the Lincoln Memorial for photos!  We get paid to make lemons into lemonade but it sure does help when your couple and their friends are all into making lemonade as well!

We started the day off getting ready at the St. Regis.  I was looking forward to seeing one of our former couples (she was a bridesmaid in this wedding).  I asked Chelsea what she wanted to do about going to the Lincoln since it was raining (always a delicate question).  Before I even got the question halfway out, she was already saying that not only were we going but she bought some kick-ass umbrellas.  Ok then!

We got to the Lincoln in a heavy mist/light rain and everyone was awesome.  We were able to shoot one way and have it look like the most beautiful Spring day ever and the other way and have fun with the rain.  It really did make for amazing photos.

The rest of our day was back at the St. Regis where you really can’t go wrong.  The team from B.Mingled and the St. Regis made everything run smoothly from beginning to end.  It couldn’t have been a better night!

Event Planner: B.Mingled | Ashly Townsend | 571.354.0411   ||   Ceremony + Reception: St. Regis DC
Floral: Petal’s Edge   ||   Videography: Jon Sham   ||   DJ: Planet DJ Productions
Live Oil Painting: Brittany Sims Art   ||   Makeup: Carola Myers   ||   Hair: Hair By Giselle
Photography: Connor Studios | Michael Connor + Lawrence Jackson | 202.527.9768


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