Erin + Chris | Wedding Photographs | Celebrations at the Bay, Pasadena, Md.

Erin and Chris win the award for best “How Did You Meet” story. Unlike many women, Erin doesn’t have to think even for a second about whether to keep her last name, change it or hyphenate. She and Chris already have the same last name. In grade school when teachers would put seating charts in alphabetical order, they would be seated next to each other.

They started “dating” in 6th grade. I’m not sure how much you can date in 6th grade but Chris manned up and got her a cat ring which Erin kept and had pinned to the inside of her dress (that’s the ring in the photograph next to their wedding rings). I’m trying to think about who I “dated” in 6th grade and I am pretty sure marriage was never in the cards for Jennifer and me. My wife should be happy I never got Jennifer a cat ring!!

They didn’t stay together this entire time but it seems like their lives kept bumping back into each others’ and ended up at a beautiful wedding last weekend at Celebrations at the Bay on the Chesapeake north of Annapolis. It looked like it could rain any time that day but the weather held until after midnight and made for a great outdoor ceremony on the Bay.

The party didn’t end till midnight and considering how the dance floor was going at the end, I bet it went a lot later than that once they got back to the Westin in Annapolis.  It was a fun crowd!

Wedding 411:
Ceremony + Reception: Celebrations at the Bay | 301.572.7744
Catering: Catering by Uptown | 301.572.7744
Florist: Intrigue Design + Decor | Sarah | 443.362.0044
Photography: Connor Studios | Michael Connor + Jonathan Newton | 202.572.9768

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