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Two Must-Reads For Anyone Who Wants To See Behind-The-Scenes of a Shoot

Two great blog posts came out today by two photographers I routinely follow.

The first is by Vincent Laforet who is an AMAZING shooter and will be one of the photogs covering the Olympics for Newsweek (they picked a dream-team of shooters).  He just started his own blog and will be linking to the Newsweek blogs he is writing every day from over there.  This whole entry is about how much we have to pack for the games and how it can take weeks to do it all.  It’s fascinating to me and I know this stuff — I think it will blow you away if you aren’t a photographer.  It’s just a little insight into how difficult it can be just to make the pictures you see.


The second is from the blog of Chase Jarvis.  The movie below is a full commercial shoot of athletes compressed into 180 seconds and is worth every second.  :-)  It definitely shows a lot more of how much it takes to pull off the photos you see in magazines and ads every day.  The funny thing is that in Washington, we are lucky to even get 180 seconds to shoot someone!  Enjoy…


Also, make sure to check back soon. Shot Media Day for the University of Maryland football team and got a killer portrait of one of their wide receivers. Have to let it run in the paper first but will definitely post after it runs.

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