Jasmine + Gautam | Wedding Photographs | Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC

The weather Gods were smiling on us last Saturday. Our big all-day Indian weddings are known for being absolutely beautiful and spectacular but they are NOT known for being on days with mild weather and low humidity. 82 and low humidity made the day even more better than it already was!

I knew that a cup of coffee wouldn’t cut it when heading out of my house at 5am to start photographing Jasmine at her parents’ house by 6am so I took the whole pot. The nice thing about the Beltway at 5am on a Saturday is that it feels like a racetrack!

At 6am, the house was buzzing and everyone was already up, dressed and had their makeup on so that they could start the Pooja and then get downtown for the ceremony and reception at the Ronald Reagan Building. One of my favorite photographs is of Jasmine going back into her childhood room in her wedding outfit to grab something. There is just something so significant about the step in life that day.

We took Jasmine and Gautam around for portraits once they got to the Reagan Building to get some of the beautiful morning light. One of my favorite portraits is of them next to the flower sculpture. Warning total inside joke to follow: Jasmine & Gautam – you handled Full Power beautifully!

In a reference to The Hangover, Gautam and his guys had “Wolf Pack” written on the inside of their hands so I couldn’t resist getting it next to the Henna on Jasmine’s hand. It was just too funny and very few people probably realized it was there.

My favorite part of Indian weddings are the Baraat and the Milni where the groom is processed with his family and friends the brides side. It is such a celebration with singing and dancing and drumming and gets the day started on such a fun note.

Of course when you have a reception in the Atrium of the Ronald Reagan Building, it is impossible for it not to be simply amazing. The space is so grand and when you add what Vicky of Event Accomplished and Jag of EventEQ did to it, it takes the space to a whole other level. Most couples have a Grand Introduction into their ceremony but when you see the photos of Jasmine and Gautam coming down the staircase there, you see how grand it can truly be.

A simple and indisputable fact about Indian receptions is that it is impossible not to dance to the music. The worst Indian wedding is still way better than the best club in DC! The floor stays packed all night and it is so much fun.

In the end, it was a LONG but AWESOME day with Jasmine, Gautam and around 500 of their relatives and friends. Both Jasmine and Gautam were so much fun to be around which made the day just fly by. How they were still partying into the after party is beyond me. Maybe I should have taken the 5 Hour Energy Jasmine offered me at 6am! (I think 5 Hour Energy needs to come out with a special wedding pack for as many times as I see it now)

I can’t thank our other photographers Jonathan Newton and Deb Lindsey and our assistant Pratik Shah enough for the huge amount of work they put into the day and the amazing work they did!

Some facts about covering the day:
3: Number of photographers (& 1 Assistant)
8,607: Total photographs taken
162: Total Gigabytes used to take those images
56.5: Total hours worked for our crew that day
17: Total hours shooting that day for Michael alone

Wedding 411:
Wedding Planner: Event Accomplished | Vicky Choy | 703.533.8993
Ceremony + Reception + Catering: Ronald Reagan Building | 202.312.1300
Floral: Prabha Bhambri | 703.759.0068
Lighting + DJ: EventEQ | Jag Singh | 410.252.5050
Hair + Makeup: Make Up By Mala | Mala Amin | 301.675.9863
Dhol Drummer: Dholi Mastana | Dave Gupta | 703.635.4883
Cake: IndAroma Bakery + Cafe | 703.354.1812
Videography: Blue Sky Films | Neil Benjers | 301.755.5478
Photography: Connor Studios | Michael Connor + Jonathan Newton + Deb Lindsey | 202.527.9768


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