Lina + Roger | Wedding Photography | Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner, Va.

Weddings can be a bit nerve-racking to plan but it’s always so wonderful to see a couple like Lina and Roger leave any of those nerves at the door and just really enjoy their day – I think they did that perfectly!

We love starting out with a first look where the bride and groom can see each other and just enjoy that moment together.  The problem with a “first look” is that a LOT of photographers and a lot of brides and grooms just treat it as a photo-op.  If our couples are having a first look, I want it to be like the first look I had with my wife.  It was meaningful.  We took it in a beautiful location but our photographer let us actually enjoy it and have a moment alone while still making great photographs.  That’s what we always stress.  We’ll find a beautiful location but we always want you to actually enjoy that moment rather than have photographers on you completely.  In the end it makes for great photographs because you are free to show your true emotion and it makes for great memories.  That’s a win win.

One of my favorite photos from the day was from the beginning of the ceremony when the couple has to circle each other.  Slowing the shutter down to catch Lina circling Roger while seeing his huge smile combines the two things we love in our photographs – beauty and moment.

The first dance was beautiful and the band Black Tie couldn’t have been better.  It was really hard to narrow down my favorite first dance photos.

Out of deference to Lina, I won’t post the look she had on her face the moment she was hoisted in the air during the Hora.  I need to make a book of all of our Jewish brides the moment they are lifted up – for 100% of them, it’s sheer terror!!  The good news is that she made it safely back down (haven’t lost one yet).

Lina’s family is originally from Colombia so midway through the evening, they started playing some Latin music and the dance floor got a bit more awesome!  Any party where the bride dances The Robot and the Jimmy Choos are kicked off on the side of the dance floor is a good party!

Wedding 411:
Coordinator: Simply Elegant Weddings | Susan Smith | 703.249.0500
Ceremony + Reception + Catering: Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner
Band: Black Tie
Florist: Toulies en Fleur
Makeup: Leah McKay
Invitation: Dandelion Patch
Dress: Hannelores
String Quartet: Celebrated
Photography: Connor Studios | Michael Connor, Jonathan Newton + Pratik Shah | 202.527.9768

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