Michael came to Washington, DC in 1999 as a Photojournalist for The Washington Times. During his 10 years at the newspaper, Michael covered Presidents Clinton through Obama, photographed all over the US, Mexico and Africa and traveled for 8 years with the Washington Redskins. Michael started shooting weddings in 2003 and grew the business into one of the most sought-after studios for Wedding Photojournalism. Michael is married to his wife Nicole and has 3 beautiful children; Grace, Jack and Olivia. To view a collection of Michael’s weddings on our blog, click here.View full post »


Andrew grew up in the Washington, DC area and has been working as a Photojournalist since 2003. He moved up through the ranks of The Examiner, The Washington Times, The Washington Post and now is a staff photographer for The Associated Press. Andrew began photographing weddings with Connor Studios in 2009 and brings his eye for strong color and form to his wedding photography. To view a collection of Andrew’s weddings on our blog, click here.View full post »


Jay’s career in photojournalism started in his experience as a photojournalist for the Boston Globe and the Denver Post before bringing him to Washington, DC where he went on to be a photo editor at The Washington Post. Jay has spent years photographing weddings and has covered everything for Connor Studios from intimate surprise family engagements to huge Indian weddings across the country. To view a collection of Jay’s favorite weddings on our blog, click here.View full post »


Kevin Dietsch is currently the Chief Photographer for United Press International in Washington, D.C.  His position with UPI has taken him around the world covering events from the Oscars and Super Bowls to the Olympics and Royal Weddings. Kevin lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two small children. To view a collection of Kevin’s weddings on our blog, click here.View full post »


Lawrence began his career as a photojournalist with the Virginian Pilot before moving to the Associated Press.  Lawrence started with the AP in Boston before transferring to the prestigious DC Bureau in 2002.  His time with the AP took him all over the world covering the President and Super Bowls. Lawrence lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children. To view a collection of Lawrence’s weddings on our blog, click here.View full post »

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